Modckon was estrablished in early 2000s with only one phillosiphy in mind: 'World is full of oppurtunities'. We at Modckon always try to aim high and then deliver the promises we make. Since our establishment we have worked on many projects in both online and offline. In early 2000s we started out as a real estate company and since then our love for technology has transformed us into a tech company.


Here are some of the latest projected we have worked on. We are proud to say in total Modckon's creations are being used on over 50,000 phones right now.

Kasper VPN

  • Kasper VPN is a unique solution to all your privacy related concerns. It has been developed while keeping a few important user experiences in mind and our team promises to never divert away from them. Kasper VPN promises: Fast Speeds, High Security and 100% Unlimited.

Zepo Rewards

  • Zepo Rewards is making working from home easier. We partner with big brands around the globe who allow us to get exclusive earning opportunities for you. These brands pay us to get user testing and we pay you to do the same. Using Zepo is easy, you download apps, tell us your feedback and we pay you!

Love to Hear From You

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquery, want to report a bug or just want to have a talk! We are always open for critical feedback.

Phone: +918700987859

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